I recall laying by the pool at my first Las Vegas home in the quiet suburbs of Summerlin one warm, still evening, talking to a friend about just how restless we both were. For me it was not a case of being unhappy where I was, but always wanting to be somewhere else. Exactly where, I could never say. My friend agreed. She usually had fun whatever her location but like me possessed a restlessness that could not be suppressed for too long. Alas, at the time neither of us could say where our El Dorado might lie, but then is that not why it is called El Dorado?

Anyhow, I listen to shoegaze music and I know my El Dorado is out there. When I listen I can almost see it and when I listen to Airiels’ In Your Room I know someone is out there and perhaps that is my true quest.

The search for El Dorado continues.

Thomas Doughty

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