It is not easy to walk by the Seine, stroll along busy Parisian boulevards and avenues, sit in sidewalk cafes without wishing that one still possessed the confidence and expectations of youth. It is only the realities of time that one contemplates. The sun burns hotter: the winters bite deeper: the feet tread heavier: the past looms larger. One might be forgiven reflecting as did Clarissa Dalloway ‘it’s all over for me. The sheets stretched tight and the bed narrow.’

But one can never quite turn over the last page and I have no intention of ascending the tower to leave them blackberrying in the sun!

Forgive me Swanning off down the Seine, strolling along the boulevards and avenues of Paris and being infused by the corruption, lies and chatter of the blackberryers in the sun.

To each moment….stay, stay, stay!

Thomas Doughty

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