I probably would not recognize a howling Coyote if it arrived at my front porch selling Texas Medicine from a wagon leftover from the original Chisum Trail, but if it’s good enough for Jimmy Wakely it’s good enough for me!

Perhaps I am more drawn to the southwestern desert but whether prairie or desert I wish I could be carried back there and constantly dream of returning to the southern/southwestern States. Not sure if there is anything better than sitting on the front porch, listening to the evening setting in and watching the sun sink in the west. Now as far as the drink in my hand and the woman sitting next to me….thereby hangs a tale.

Angels, come to paint the desert nightly, while the moon is beaming brightly, along the Santa Fe trail. Take it away Jimmy.

One does not have to be Einstein to not fully understand ones own world. Einsteins world may have been on a scale incomprehensible to me but in reality his biggest blunder had very little repercussion to him nor to the progress of science as he was soon enlightened and science unencumbered of the cosmological constant expanded happily along with its universe.

Unfortunately for most of us the universe is not so kind. Our blunders, though insignificant in Hubbles expanding universe, are of consequence so great to our own motion there is rarely an opportunity to reorder our universe.

Last week in Paris I came face to face with my greatest blunder only to find that seventeen years has not lessened the magnitude of my error and indeed bites deeper.

Cosmological constants, static or expanding universe? If only our dilemmas were that simple!

It is not easy to walk by the Seine, stroll along busy Parisian boulevards and avenues, sit in sidewalk cafes without wishing that one still possessed the confidence and expectations of youth. It is only the realities of time that one contemplates. The sun burns hotter: the winters bite deeper: the feet tread heavier: the past looms larger. One might be forgiven reflecting as did Clarissa Dalloway ‘it’s all over for me. The sheets stretched tight and the bed narrow.’

But one can never quite turn over the last page and I have no intention of ascending the tower to leave them blackberrying in the sun!

Forgive me Swanning off down the Seine, strolling along the boulevards and avenues of Paris and being infused by the corruption, lies and chatter of the blackberryers in the sun.

To each moment….stay, stay, stay!

Thomas Doughty

Well, here again. After the lousy Scottish summer the weather here is wonderful. About 90 degrees. Staying in 10e this time. Friday afternoon in Paris and I am just going out to eat and then hit a few bars. I am open to suggestions and suggestive ladies!!!

Bonne chance. I’ll need more than my fair share.

Thomas Doughty

Unlike Morrissey I don’t know how Joan of Arc felt. Morrissey may write great lyrics and I certainly write lousy blog posts, but neither of us can really imagine leaving home at 17, convincing the Dauphin to place us at the head of his demoralised army in the hope of ejecting the English forces and thus determining the future of France, Europe and the world beyond.

However, I am starting to wonder if Paris is still as difficult to penetrate as it was in Joan’s ill fated attempt in September, 1429. Appreciating that Paris hosts countless visitors, accommodates many foreign students, it seems that for individuals from foreign shores the best tool available to them for finding rented accommodation, the internet, has quickly become a minefield of scam postings.

So if you are looking online for a place in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and most other major European cities, especially on, DO NOT wire or send money prior to obtaining access to any property. Some scams are easy to spot. If the rent seems far too low for the property and or location it most likely is a scam. Last week on Craigslist in the Paris apartments for rent an advertiser had posted some photos of the property which was claimed to be very close to Blvd. Voltaire and the views from the windows showed beautiful green fields rolling away to distant trees. This poster might have been better served by posting on the Loire Valley. However, some scammers are slightly more intelligent and the rents advertised are commensurate with the property and location. You will be able to detect a scam in any reply you receive if any prospective landlord is not available to show you the property. The most common reasons are that they have a job out of the country, or they are managing the property for their parents and reside out of the country, or they are off to Colombia to work for their church. These declarations will always be followed by their willingness to reserve it for you and want you to proceed with the ‘rental process’ which requires you to send rent and deposit and the keys or a ‘legal’ document will be sent to you to validate your tenancy. These are obvious scams. They are just time consuming and become extremely irritating after you open so many of them.

Anyhow, to reiterate, you can avoid all these scams by adopting the simple and safe course….DO NOT wire or send money prior to obataining access to any property.

Bonne chance.

Thomas Doughty

I recall laying by the pool at my first Las Vegas home in the quiet suburbs of Summerlin one warm, still evening, talking to a friend about just how restless we both were. For me it was not a case of being unhappy where I was, but always wanting to be somewhere else. Exactly where, I could never say. Continue Reading »

Seems that Google find’s Blog pages on WordPress pretty quickly if the word Blog, what else, is in the post title. Can’t say it is particularly helpful when deciding upon a Post title.

Anyhow, if anyone stumbles on this poor effort and happens to have a room or small studio for rent in Paris, or even in other French cities please let me know. Of course this is overly optimistic but what were you looking for? Pessimism?

Joyeux Quatorze Juillet !

Thomas Doughty

Somewhere the sun is shining, so honey don’t you cry,
We’ll find a silver lining, the clouds will soon roll by.

Snow and rain throughout April, a deluge in May and then the weather deteriorated. June washed out and July good for Ark builders. Will this rain ever cease? I am not sure if we have outdone Mark Twain’s longest winter being a summer spent in San Francisco, but certainly the longest rain season I ever suffered in Oregon has been this ‘summer’ in Edinburgh. No wonder the towns of Dull, Scotland and Boring, Oregon have twinned although I don’t recall it being this wet until we started twinning with Oregon!

Is that Arthur Tracey, The Street Singer that I hear faintly in the background?

Every time it rains, it rains, Pennies From Heaven,
Don’t you know each cloud contains…Pennies From Heaven.
You’ll find your fortune falling… all over town,
Be sure that your umbrella…is upside down.

Trade them for a package of…. sunshine and flowers,
If you want the things you love…you must have showers.
So when you hear it thunder, dont run under a tree,
There’ll be Pennies From Heaven…for you and me.

Certainly time for me to leave Scotland’s green and sodden land. South of France? Spain?

Thomas Doughty

This is the ‘official’ blog for

Initially it will just be a journal of my travels.


Thomas Doughty