Below are a few tracks of the music that I am currently listening to. Not that I think my musical taste deserves a wider audience, but I would like to, in my small way, give exposure to some bands/artists that may not be too well known in Europe. Having been in America for 20 years, the last 14 in California I came across some interesting artists and bands from the Portland area, such as Laura Gibson, Loch Lomond and The Decemberists.

More recently I have been listening to a few 'Shoe Gazing' bands that I stumbled across on ITunes, particularly The Daysleepers from Buffalo, New York and Airiel from Bloomington, Indiana.

The established music towns in America are known worldwide but there are important centres which are virtually unknown outside of the country and indeed little known within, such as Lawrence, Kansas, where young musicians and songwriters thrive locally and thanks to the world wide web have an opportunity to be heard by a much wider audience. This is the sole purpose of my music page.

I will add more as I get authorization to do so. If anyone would like to hear more I recommend sites such as who provide some free mp3's, videos and stream live sessions of artists such as Laura Gibson and Suzannah Johannes. One of Laura Gibson's tracks below, Hands In Pockets, is a version downloaded from Daytrotter's. All other tracks on this page I have purchased. They are NOT available for download from my site. If you like their songs and think they are worth listening to and putting on your music player, then buy some of their tracks. It is no more than they deserve and in my not so humble opinion...well worth it.

P.S. I know I have miscategorized two artists, Okkervil River and Suzannah Johannes, by their inclusion in the West Coast playlist.