Curriculum Vitae

I have twenty years experience as a Dataflex relational database programmer, designing, coding and maintaining data entry/reporting systems, mostly for large American corporations. I have also worked with Oracle, MySQL and Access databases on Windows and Unix/Linux platforms. Currently I am working on Web design projects for myself and several individuals using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and PhP/MySql. Live examples of sites I have designed and implemented are Thomas Doughty's Home Web Site and Dataflex

I am diligent, detail oriented and take pride in any work I undertake and seek to be as useful and helpful as possible. I work well alone or as part of a team and in my analyst/programmer positions have often been required to work closely with staff at all levels and am comfortable doing so. I respond well in 'pressure' situations, remaining calm and focused on what is required. I enjoy working with numbers maintaining a high level of accuracy and it is my intention to take some accounting classes and or specialised training that would supplement my skills. I am proficient in Excel, using various Lookups, Pivot Tables and Relative, Absolute and Mixed cell referencing. I am very comfortable learning new software and procedures and consider it essential to providing the best possible support and service.